By Matt Wilkinson

Located in Canary Wharf, The Cocktail Club is a hidden gem for those who appreciate cocktails. It’s not just a bar, but an experience. With each drink, you’re taken on a journey and transported to a different world. It’s a sophisticated haven that’s worth a visit.

Basking in the vibrancy of the city’s financial hub, The Cocktail Club is a treasure trove of exotic drinks and enchanting ambience. As you step inside, you’re met with a warm, intimate setting perfected with industrial chic decor and plush seating. The soft, dim lights set against a backdrop of distressed brick walls and vintage accessories create an atmosphere that feels both luxurious and cosy.

What truly sets The Cocktail Club apart is its array of cocktails. The menu is a creative embodiment of mixology, featuring traditional classics and inventive concoctions with a unique twist. Each cocktail is meticulously prepared by seasoned mixologists who are masters in their craft, ensuring the taste is as extraordinary as the presentation.

Take their signature ‘Long Island Iced Tea,’ for example. It’s a blend of premium spirits, sweetened and offset by the tangy citrus notes. Served in a highball glass over crushed ice, it’s a refreshing drink perfectly suited for the metropolitan summer. Or there’s the trademark ‘Pornstar Martini’ – a spin on the classic, served with a dash of vanilla and passionfruit puree. From the first sip, it’s clear that exceptional thought and technique went into these creations.

Events are another highlight of The Cocktail Club. From cocktail masterclasses taught by in-house mixologists to jazz nights featuring local talent, there’s always something going on. These events make the club more than just a destination for food and drink; it’s a social hub, a place to meet, mingle and make memories.

The Cocktail Club in Canary Wharf is more than just a bar; it’s a unique sensory experience. Whether you’re a local looking for a new hangout or a visitor wanting to experience London’s vibrant cocktail scene, The Cocktail Club is a must-visit. It marries together exceptional drinks, fine food, exquisite ambience, and unforgettable events, crafting an experience that is distinctly Canary Wharf.

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