By Matt Wilkinson

From the cobbled streets of Deptford, London, there emerges a spot so whimsical and so wonderfully eccentric that it’s like stepping into the lively imagination of your delightfully outrageous grandmother. It’s Little Nans Cocktail Bar, my dear chums, and it’s high time we took a stroll down its kitschy lanes!

For starters, Little Nan’s is not your run-of-the-mill, swanky London bar. It’s a whimsical wonderland filled to the brim with vintage furniture, retro knick-knacks, old-school photo frames, and an ambience so resplendently English, it’s like being hugged by a crocheted blanket.

While the eclectic decor drags you back to the bygone era, the cocktails on offer are nothing short of modern-day masterpieces. You might wonder, what could be so special about cocktails? Well, Little Nan’s infuses its cocktails with a spirit of the flamboyantly retro and dashingly dramatic. With names like “Pornstar Nan” and “Sexy Frank Butcher”, these concoctions are as intriguing as they are intoxicating. Each drink is a tribute to pop culture, served with a side of nostalgia and a generous splash of quirk.

The food menu at Little Nan’s is just as fabulous as its cocktail offerings. From traditional English pies to moreish cheese boards and a variety of scrumptious scones, this place offers the perfect food to soak up those teapot cocktails.

What makes Little Nan’s more than just a cocktail bar is the people who run it, along with the patrons it attracts. The staff, warm and welcoming, are always up for a chat about the bar’s history, the unique decor, or just the weather. The clientele ranges from young hipsters looking for an Instagrammable night out, to older locals reminiscing about the past while sipping on their ‘Pat Butcher’ cocktail.

Little Nan’s Cocktail Bar is not just a place to drink; it’s a theatrical experience. A visit here means stepping into a technicolour dream where every corner hides a surprise and every sip tells a story. It displays a charming disregard for the sleek and modern, choosing instead to celebrate the gloriously eccentric. With its parade of unforgettable characters, intriguing cocktail names, and nostalgic ambience, Little Nan’s not only serves drinks but also lashings of laughter, heaps of history, and generous dollops of fun.

So, if you’re in Deptford, London, and you’re craving an experience that’s more than just another evening at a bar, Little Nan’s is the place to be. It’s a cocktail bar, a trip down memory lane, a pop culture homage, a vintage paradise, and your nan’s living room, all rolled into one. Not just a bar, it’s a celebration of all things eccentric and wonderfully British. Cheers, or as Little Nan’s would say, “Bottoms up, darlings!”

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