By Matt Wilkinson

Nestled in the heart of Brixton Village, Kraft Brixton emerges as a vibrant addition to London’s brewpub scene, boasting a mission to spread the love for authentic Franconian brewing craftsmanship. This newcomer, one of four brewpubs in the city, is set to redefine your beer experience with a touch of South London flair. The other brewpubs range between the expansive beer garden in Elephant & Castle to the unique setting in the altar of St. Mark’s church in Mayfair, and a modern collaboration in Dalston with the design hotel ‘Locke,’ each location offers a curated beer experience

Brewing Passion in Every Pint

Kraft Brixton doesn’t just serve beer; they live and breathe it. This colorful beer haven is more than a brewpub; it’s a testament to the commitment of its creators to bring the true essence of Franconian brewing to the eclectic streets of Brixton. Their cozy and intimate venue, accommodating approximately 40 people, sets the stage for a personalized experience. The friendly staff, fueled by a passion for both beer and people, welcomes you to a space where the love for craft brews is palpable.

Locally Brewed German Beer on Draft

At Kraft Brixton, the brewing process is not just a science; it’s an art. German brewing traditions meet South London creativity in every sip of their locally brewed German beers. The ingredients are sourced from a region in Germany with 300 breweries and only 50,000 residents, ensuring a unique and authentic taste.

Upon entering, their vibrant and colourful yet rustic décor catches the eye, setting the tone for a lively experience. When we inquired about their most popular beer, the recommendation was clear: try the HEIDI HELLES, their flagship beer, a sweet and full-bodied helles with a malt-forward Franconian charm, boasting an alcohol level of 5.2%. The MAIKE, a west coast pale ale with notes of orange peel and an apricot jam undertone, proved to be another delightful choice. The LOTTE, a classic Bavarian Hefeweizen, and the HEINRICH, an unfiltered young lager, complete the diverse beer menu, all available on draft.

Beyond Beer: Crafted Cocktails and Distilled Delights

For those looking beyond the beer realm, Kraft Brixton has you covered. Their small yet carefully curated cocktail selection, including the Long Island Ice Tea and the Brixton Rum Punch, demonstrates their dedication to quality and presentation. The staff’s focus on mixology adds an extra layer of craftsmanship to your drinking experience.

Atmosphere and People Watching

Whether you choose to bask in the lively atmosphere indoors or opt for an outdoor seat, Kraft Brixton caters to both preferences. Situated in the bustling Brixton Village, this brewpub offers prime people-watching real estate. From a cozy window seat inside, you can sip your brew while observing the vibrant tapestry of life passing by. Or you can opt to sit outside and be amongst the busy bustle of Brixton Village.

Brewed to Perfection

All the brewed beers at Kraft Brixton are served fresh on-site, adhering to the German purity law from 1516. Their state-of-the-art brewhouse near Elephant and Castle employs traditional practices and German ingredients, ensuring each sip is a testament to centuries-old brewing mastery.

In the heart of Brixton, Kraft Brixton stands as more than a brewpub; it’s a cultural and culinary journey. Whether you’re a beer enthusiast, cocktail connoisseur, or someone seeking a cozy spot for people watching, this hidden gem has something special brewing just for you. Craft your own memorable experience at Kraft Brixton—a place where passion meets purity in every pour.

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