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Social Discovery in London – TownFish
Dec 17th 2012 | Written by TownFish Team

Social Discovery in London – TownFish

Allow us to introduce ourselves, TownFish Social Iconthe TownFish Team have spent the last few months helping local people find new and popular London restaurants, bars, shops, hangouts, and anything else you can think of by using Twitter and Facebook. Social discovery is our method of discovering new things in London. With the help of our followers we can collaborate together on Twitter to answer any questions you might have or be putting out there. We look to provide recommendations, advice, tips, tricks, reviews, and we do this quickly and effectively and even when you’re on the move. We’ll be posting regular articles on our blog and you can rely on us to shout about anything unique and interesting… as long as it’s London-based and we like it, we’ll talk about it!

Soon we’ll be opening our discussion area where you’ll be able to start new discussions, voice your opinions and share your experiences with other users. Click here for an early invite.

TownFish_London_DiscoveryWe’re also be looking to showcase our favourite and most popular London businesses, which have been carefully hand-picked just for you! If you think your business should be included click here.

Now it doesn’t stop there; we’re developing a lot of hot new social discovery features which we plan to show you in the early 2014.  There’s loads going on behind the scenes, make sure you subscribe to our newsletter so we can keep you informed, as well as provide you with all the latest articles for your social calendar.

Last but not least, our website is designed for you so if you want to see something blogged, about, get in touch with us. Any comments, discussions and suggestions welcome – we really want to hear from you!TownFish_Standing

Looking forward to meeting you all,

The TownFish Team