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Fantastic handyman: when you need a real man around the house
Sep 2nd 2015 | Written by TownFish Team

Fantastic handyman: when you need a real man around the house

Fantastic Handyman

Having a hectic lifestyle is part and parcel of being a Londoner, your house is often the most neglected part of your life. There is a multitude of tasks to attend to in your house, but your very basic tool box doesn’t extend much beyond the simple screwdriver. Why spend a fortune on expensive tools when you can very conveniently call in a reliable handyman and someone who is professional trained and highly qualified to do the task. No need to spend endless hours googling for “How to” youtube videos when things can be fixed with a simple phone call. 

Step forward Fantastic Handyman. They offer the complete range of property maintenance services: painting, decorating, furniture assembly, refurbishments, plumbing, electrical works and odd jobs. There is no job too small for them and their prices start from only £48 for the first hour. I have been in the unfortunate situation of having used a handyman before where I was charged in excess of £100: they turned up, spent 3 minutes inspecting the job, explained they couldn’t do it and then still expected full payment. This simply does not happen with Fantastic Handyman.

They offer assistance 24 hours a day. When we tried out their services, they turned up at 9am on a Saturday morning on the dot. Punctuality and efficiency are their forte. In absolutely no time, they managed to complete all of the following: manage to install 2 flat screen TVs on the wall in the living room as well as the bedroom, fitted a large mirror in the bedroom and put up some Venetian blinds. It’s not a task that is as simple as it sounds: they needed to install a new plug socket in the bedroom, rigged the TV aerial so both rooms were connected to it, made sure it was via the skirting board and ensured all the wiring was covered in white plastic tubing. Whether you are a Lord, Russian Oligarch or plain Jane and whether it’s a castle, a mansion or just a studio flat, they treat all their jobs with the equal amount of professionalism.

Their attitude to the task in hand is most commendable. We had offered to make them a drink whilst on the job, but they preferred to get on with the job in hand and instead enjoyed their own beverage in their van after work. They are extremely respectful of your property; they explained the drilling would generate some dust and checked if we were okay with that. They ensured any rubbish generated were thoroughly cleaned and disposed of themselves.

They could quite rightly claim the title of being Mr Fantastic, especially when you consider the whole range of services they provide, which isn’t just about being a handyman.

They offer all TownFish members a good rate you just need to call them on their number 0203 404 4999 and tell them you were recommended by TownFish and they will gladly look after you!

Please check out their sites as well at and