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A chocolate boutique full of devilish delights
May 3rd 2016 | Written by Frances O'Brien

A chocolate boutique full of devilish delights

Like Hansel and Gretel’s discovery of a house laden with treats within a forest, I discovered a shop full of indulgence on the edge of Regent’s Park. The Choconut boutique was just as deadly with its lavish window display full of highly decorative confectionery and a large chocolate fountain to lure you in.

As I stepped in, the elongated pine displays containing nuts instantly caught my eye as did the shelves, lined with elegantly wrapped chocolates and colourful packets of dried fruit. It’s safe to say my initial impressions were good even before I had tasted the fine work of the chocolatiers. On arrival, the manager’s warmth was infectious and her passion for the business was inspiring. With a background in fine art, it’s no wonder she had turned her attention to managing a chocolate haven full of works of art. Her Greek roots were also evident where traditional copper coffee makers and grinders could be seen throughout the store. The Chocolatiers had also come from diverse backgrounds having previously worked across Europe and their influences from Spain and Germany shone through their creations.



Soon after entering, half a dozen beautifully handcrafted chocolates were selected for the tasting. After discovering that all the chocolate was made in house using unique recipes and finding out it was the only chocolate shop in London to use 100% Valrhona, I was looking forward to what lay ahead. The chocolates had the most unique flavours from rose and lychee to blackberry and elderflower but it was the chilli and mango that really stood out for me. Not only was it visually stunning with its golden and deep red hue but the sweet flavours fused together perfectly with the fiery undertones of the chilli.



I then moved onto their coffees, a popular offering amongst the locals, which came as no surprise with their range of exotic blends. Their house blend for instance is made up of 100% Arabica beans from Brazil and Costa Rica and there are also limited edition single origins from beans all of over the globe. I opted for their unique offering of iced coffee, which was deliciously refreshing and a much better alternative to the sweet varieties that so many chains serve these days.



I couldn’t leave without tasting their hot chocolates and so ended with their luxurious orange hot chocolate, a frothy dream of flavours. Their cinnamon rose hot chocolate and range of loose teas sounded just as delectable but another visit had to be in store to try the rest. Likewise the hampers were worth a second visit for after discovering you were able to personally create your own from their range of chocolates, dried fruit and nuts. If you have a sweet tooth like myself, I would highly recommend a visit to this charming boutique.