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Get your daily dose of Chicken from WingsEggs
Jul 21st 2015 | Written by Baldwin Ho

Get your daily dose of Chicken from WingsEggs



Londoners love a great simple concept restaurant: think bubbledogs, burger & lobster or the raft of ramen bars opening recently. WingsEggs in Fulham is one to add on to this exciting list. It’s a casual relaxed eatery that doesn’t have the pretension of some of the other restaurants mentioned above, but its menu is no less ingenious.

Almost as tricky as working out did chicken come first or did the egg come first is deciding what to order on this menu. The list of options for wings is extensive and the chef clearly has an encyclopedic knowledge of how to cook them. The head chef is none other than JP Tanti from the well loved Hoxton Grill. From spicy Belgium chocolate to wild mushrooms and truffle sauce, JP has probably tried every conceivable way of cooking them. If you are lazy like me, it even comes with a deboned option.

I went for the eggs option: the healthy sounding full peruvian. It contained eggs, cray fish, avocado, stir fry vegetables and fresh fruit. It’s not expensive at just under £10, as JP puts out a non-expenses spared all out Peruvian feast. The ingredients are plentiful and we are not talking about a few pieces of apple for the fresh fruit: there are passionfruit, mango, oranges, melons, strawberries. The whole spectrum of the vitamin rainbow are probably all present in this dish.

Peruvian breakfast

During a quick discussion with JP about his menu, he admitted the eggs section of the menu has been problematic. Whilst it’s wonderful tasting and nutritious, the eggs portion of the dish looks more of a side than the star of the dish. It’s the same poached or fried egg whether you ordered the full Russian, Mexican or Indian, they are from Burford Brown with a beautifully orange yolk. It’s a best supporting actor role, but it doesn’t feel like being the lead man. JP will be introducing duck eggs and quail eggs into the menu, he also takes bespoke orders for emu and ostrich eggs as he tries to spice this section of the menu.

Their in-house cocktails are funkily named such as the macbook mojito and with their current happy hour offer of 2 cocktails for £7, it’s hard not to be tempted to try out their whole cocktail list. The amount of care they show is evident even when you order a watermelon and raspberry iced tea: you half expect them to bring over a foreign bottle imported from warmer shores, but no their mixologist make their own iced tea from scratch.

WingsEggs Interior

The decor is tongue in cheek with a grass pen outdoors for the smokers and an entrance which is designed like a red telephone box. With such a hip vibe and inventive menu, all chicken lovers should make a dash across town to visit this little star of Fulham.