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The Victorian Bath House, Bishopsgate: A hidden gem in every way
May 25th 2017 | Written by Baldwin Ho

The Victorian Bath House, Bishopsgate: A hidden gem in every way

In a hidden part of Liverpool Street, enclosed by tall office buildings, you might have noticed a highly unusual, incongruous building in Bishopgate’s Churchyard. Upon some research, you will find that this is mostly an event space venue that can cater for up to 150 guests and it is well-placed for its target audience being in close proximity to countless multinational companies.

However, if you want to visit this spectacular venue, then you should visit on Fridays between 5 pm – 12 am. This is when they host their By Appointment Only evenings for the public, which is a clandestine drinking den. The taste of Victoriana starts from your confirmation email which is written in traditional Victorian prose.

A trip to The Victorian Bath House is a step back in time to a forgotten era. This stunning drinking den dates back to 1895 when it was constructed as a Turkish Bath. They have kept many of the original features, including the marble floors, the Arabic mosaics, stained glass and gilt-edged décor. The Moorish-styled furnishing is perfectly in keeping with the design of the venue and makes for a truly unique experience, especially in an area filled with multi-floored glass skyscrapers.

The mood lighting is mostly very dim at this drinking den, but do make an effort to walk around the different areas in this quirky establishment. On your journey of discovery, you might see their elegant bottles of in-house infusions. The expert mixologist here likes to make delectable decants of many vintage classics. They are infused over several weeks and include delicious sounding options like Cherry Bourbon New Amsterdam and Plum Count Negroni.

For those who want to celebrate a special occasion in style, there is no better way than their decadent Champagne bath tub.

All guests are welcomed with a refreshing glass of Sangria served in a tea cup. The main selling point here apart from the decor is their carefully curated list of cocktails which are inspired from the Victorian era but with a modern twist. We tried Hunting in the Black Forest, which contains a strong concoction of rum and bourbon but still manages to taste refreshing due to the careful infusion of countless dark fruits. We also tried inventive infusions like Venison and Truffle Gin Martini with soft dried fig, which had rich gamey tasting notes and a delicious tasting house-infused cherry bourbon and rumtoft with cranberry and bitters.

If you are bored of your typical city wine bar at Liverpool Street, then you should give The Victorian Bath House a visit for a more refined and elegant experience.