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Variety is the spice of life at Mister Lasagna in Soho
May 14th 2016 | Written by Baldwin Ho

Variety is the spice of life at Mister Lasagna in Soho

The concept is ingeniously simple: Mister Lasagna is London’s first specialist lasagna restaurant serving 21 type of lasagna. If you are like me, you would be jealously wondering why you didn’t come up with this great concept in the first place, given how popular lasagnas are with the general public.

It is situated in a prime location in Soho just behind a whole array of theatres off Shaftesbury Avenue and this is the perfect venue for the pre or post-theatre crowd with its prompt service and late closing times. It might look cosy from the outside with a few terrace tables, a very busy looking counter of lasagnas and a cabinet filled with an assortment of alcoholic and healthy beverages along with classic Italian desserts.Mister Lasagna exterior

However, there are plenty of soothing seating space at the back of the restaurant including a private alcove area. Soothing is the operative word here with relaxing blues music on the night we went, the green ‘grass’ wall pleasing to the eye and a general vibe of modernity. If they made cocktails here, I would happily live 24/7 here with Mister Lasagna.Mister Lasagna wall

The multitude of options here are slightly bewildering, but thankfully the staff are on hand to make recommendations and assist with your choices. Portions are not huge here but likewise prices are suitably wallet-friendly. The best way to sample the choices is to opt for the trio option, where you can savour three half portions. They also have 5 complementary sauces to choose from Bolognese, b├ęchamel, mushroom, four cheese or tomato; not that you necessarily need them, as the lasagnas were all universally fresh and luscious.Mister Lasagna staff

The most important advice if you are after choice, is to not go late at night, as the more popular options tend to run low in supplies. On the night of our visit, there was only 1 portion of their salmon special; the paucity of this special was unsurprising given the delicate, fresh nature of the fish, which could so easily have been overcooked.

Vegetarians are well-catered for with a vast number of choices. Our recommendations would be the pesto or the mushroom options. Their rich-tasting flavours are more than a match with their meaty neighbours.mushroom and pesto lasagna

They also have an excellent selection pastries, muffins and sandwiches for breakfast or for those with a sweet tooth, desserts such as caramel Panna cotta and classic tiramisu.

A visit to Mister Lasagna has taught me lasagna doesn’t have to be just the Bolognese variety but the options can be endless as long as you are imaginative.