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Made of Dough: A new rising star on the London street food scene
Apr 4th 2016 | Written by Baldwin Ho

Made of Dough: A new rising star on the London street food scene

By now, you might have worked out the successful formula for launching a successful street food business: have young, impossibly presentable and hospitable owners, have a simple selection of products using the finest ingredients and have a secret killer recipe passed down through generations or after months of intensive research. Made of Dough has all of the above and more. Their hard work has already been acknowledged by being awarded the 2015 London Pizza Festival Champions award.

Currently they have a 6 weeks residency at Market Yard Kitchen near Shepherd’s Bush before they launch their permanent restaurant in South London later in the summer. Townfish went along to their press night to discover the secrets to the award-winning pizza.

The Goldhawk Road part of Shepherd’s Bush isn’t the most picturesque area in London, however Market Yard Kitchen is a hidden oasis in this area. With 80 seats, a cool bar and casual dining vibe plus a heated outdoor terrace, this is the ideal pop-up venue for hosting the talented team from Made of Dough. With a combined team from London, Campania and Andalusia, they have set about making proper Neapolitan pizza with a nod to Southern Spain.

Neapolitan pizza hasn’t always been my first choice option, as some have too much dough around the crust. This isn’t the case with Made of Dough pizzas; also because they ferment the dough in 2 ways for over 60 hours, it is much easier to digest the dough and the taste is more intense. Their most flavoursome option is the rich-tasting truffle pizza with Portobello mushroom and white alba truffle oil. Although their other options have equally strong ingredients like the chorizo offering with brindisa chorizo and piquillo peppers, which is a nod to one of the owner’s southern Spanish roots.Made of Dough Pop-up

Not many pizzerias in London offer sauces to accompany their pizzas, but Made of Dough do have some exciting options. They have a pesto-esque sauce in basil aioli and an offering to add some kick to your pizza in the form of spicy romesco. The overwhelming feeling you get is everything is very homemade and genuine instead of food that is overly manufactured.Made of Dough sauces

Their conchiglia a nutella dessert was an absolute winner with everyone at the press launch. It’s hard to go wrong with a nutella-based dessert. It was so addictive that my guest said this dessert should be banned from existence.Made of Dough Nutella dessert

They also have a select choice of cocktails ideal for the brighter evenings and warmer weather, which we will hopefully be getting soon. For those who enjoy lighter cocktails, their blood orange sangria is the perfect drink to enjoy whilst chatting with friends and sampling delicious pizza. Keep an eye out on @MadeOfDoughLDN to get the latest news about their pop-up and when they launch their permanent restaurant.Made of Dough Cocktails