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Herman ze German, Fitzrovia: ja, das ist wunderbar!
Aug 25th 2016 | Written by Baldwin Ho

Herman ze German, Fitzrovia: ja, das ist wunderbar!

There might be plenty of venues in London offering exotic hot dog recipes, but where does one go for authentic German sausages? Most Londoners might struggle to think of even one restaurant that offers this; however you no longer need to rack your brains, thanks to Herman Ze German. They currently have 3 branches in London and we visited their largest branch in the foodie haven that is Charlotte Street.Herman ze German

What is the secret of their success? Their sausages are imported directly from Germany with a family butcher the owner has known for many years. We went along to try their latest dish, Ze Bratmeister: using their famous Black Forest bratwurst along with roasted vegetables, aged feta and homemade veal gravy made on site. The sausage tastes plump and bouncy and is filled with delicate meaty flavours unlike factory-manufactured versions which are often tasteless. The bun is pillowy, whilst the vegetables do certainly make the dish feel healthier. The sausages are also gluten-free and lactose-free, so ideal to take along those pesky friends with demanding dietary requirements. There are a plethora of options to choose from too including the type of wurst, extra toppings and sides and you can try their famous currywurst which is omnipresent in all corners of Germany.Bratwurst

The other dish we tried was their rather mammoth-looking pork schnitzel melt. Although initially it was meant to be chicken schnitzel, but they had sold out of that version by the time we arrived. You suspect this beast of a burger could feed a whole office with the pork, bacon, pickled onions, sauerkraut, melted cheese and pomme frites. The schnitzel is suitably thin and wide with the breadcrumb golden crunchy; you might struggle to find a better schnitzel served in London at the moment.Pork Schnitzel

There are quirky drink options to try including the special Herman’s black forest brew, which complements well with the meatiness of the schnitzel and from the sausage. You also have to try the famous German import that is Fritz-Kola: it tastes stronger and thicker than regular cola and contains more caffeine for those worried about a food-induced coma.

The decor is very much designed for fast food, but it does have charming German touches. The photo-wall which gives an illusion of rows and rows of sausages hanging from the back of the room is ingenious. There is further space downstairs for diners and drinkers to sample the Germanic delights of Herman Ze German.Photo wall