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Fresh Aromatic Beers at Micro Brewery Zero Degrees
Apr 29th 2015 | Written by Justina Terese

Fresh Aromatic Beers at Micro Brewery Zero Degrees

BHEATH0451With the craft beer revolution in full swing around London, those now over-priced pints of Kronenburg, Carling and Estrella are becoming less and less appealing by the pound.

Bristol has taken the lead over London in establishing hugely popular craft beer institutions, having some of the best microbreweries England has to offer. One of those well-known names is Zero Degrees, however the first branch was opened here in London 15 years ago.

Situated on a fashionable corner of restaurant and bars in Blackheath and nestled on the edge of Greenwich Park, lies the original site of Zero Degrees, run by business partners Dipam Patel and Nick Desai.

With an impressive selection on tap including pale ale, wheat larger, black larger and sour beer, additional brews are added seasonally such as a hugely popular mango beer or spiced Christmas stouts.


What separates Zero Degrees from other breweries is the dedication to producing fresh beer. Free from preservatives and additives means the brews are unpasteurized and unfiltered. A few sniffs before drinking will add to the overall sensory intoxication in the most pleasant way, smelling as good as the beer tastes.

On the food front you have a choice of pizza, pasta and mussels, and a few other classic pub dishes in between. The ground floor seating area is situated right by the impressive 10-hectoliter fermentation tanks, creating an atmosphere of live brewing action.

With 3 levels to choose from, Zero Degrees offers a vibrant drinking and dining experience. There’s nothing better than a thirst quenching beer, and dare I suggest the freshness of Zero Degrees brews lesson the hangover effect come morning.


Zero Degrees

29/31 Montpelier Vale, Blackheath, London SE3 0TJ

020 8852 5619