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Beautify Yourself at Beauty Works
Mar 23rd 2016 | Written by Frances O'Brien

Beautify Yourself at Beauty Works

If you’re after an affordable, professional hair or beauty treatment in North London, Beauty Works in Crouch End is the choice for you.

Beauty Works is one of the leading health and beauty clinics in London, which comes as no surprise as they offer such a broad range of beauty services. Set up by cosmetologist, Tracey Smyth, they clearly put their clients first keeping it open everyday, up until 8pm during the week to make it as convenient as possible to visit after work.

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We arrived at Beauty Works on a rare sunny morning in March. The sun was streaming through the huge windows and the relaxed vibe inside gave it the ideal setting for some Sunday pampering in the comforts of a warm environment. It has been around for 25 years and yet the space was modern and elegant whilst retaining a homely charm. The team were all welcoming and it was clear to see how hard they tried to provide an escape from the demands of everyday life.

I was immediately struck by the huge range of treatments on offer, in particular all the threading options available from forehead to neck threading. I had never tried the art of threading so was keen to see what all the fuss was about. It involved a quick, pain-free service, which made me think twice about using tweezers again. Their hair removal services did not end there with an extensive list of everything from waxing and laser to electroloysis and IPL.


I was also intrigued to see their semi-permanent makeup and botox and filler services. I wasn’t quite ready to test either so I opted for a harmless eyelash tinting instead, which was quick and had a stunning effect meaning wearing eye make up for the next three weeks wasn’t required. Moving on, my treatment extended to the nail department and on asking for a natural look, I was presented with a range of subtle hues. This treatment took the most amount of time and I was astounded by the attention to detail and amount of steps and coats that were applied. They clearly didn’t rush any services and were true perfectionists, which was reassuring. Whilst biding the time, I engaged with the staff to find out what else they offered that stood them apart. I was interested to hear about their discounts when using a range of services at a time, which made me keen to sign up for a full body MOT next time. It was noted that their hen and bridal parties were also particularly popular. This experience was made even more special by keeping it completely private and linking up with their hair salon opposite.

Overall I was really impressed with the huge selection of services on offer and will no doubt book another appointment again soon.