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Blue Cow Yoga
Dec 16th 2013 | Written by TownFish Team

Blue Cow Yoga

In the past, yoga was a pastime set aside for the overtly spiritual or new age, but these days it is becoming much more widely accepted as an important component of health and wellbeing. Especially when living in the city and working long hours sat stooped behind a desk, yoga provides a way to nurture both your body and your mind. It can also be a great way to meet friends and to enjoy some peaceful and relaxing time together.

Person stretching at Blue Cow Yoga

Blue Cow Yoga is not just about manipulating your body into complex stretches, it is also focused on the gentle relaxation and nurture of self. Thus, in addition to yoga and pilates classes, there are also a wide range of treatments available at their wellbeing spa – and judging from the reviews online, these are rather special. The vast variety of massage treatments they offer here can be great to help you with all sorts of problems – both physical and psychological – including stress, back pain, sports injuries, digestive problems and fatigue.

Located closest to Bank tube station, but also in the close vicinity of Moorgate and Monument, Blue Cow Yoga is easy to reach. It has an incredibly friendly and relaxing atmosphere as soon as you step foot through the doors and, with professional services and exquisite facilities, you will find it impossible not to be relaxed.

There are a wide range of yoga and pilates professionals available for different requirements. For example, you can choose to partake in classes for Flow Yoga or Ashtanga Yoga. There are also classes taught using the Yoga Monks method. Finding a teacher who suits the style of yoga your body responds to is crucial, thus the availability of almost 30 teachers, all with their own unique style, is truly important.

Different yoga classes run throughout the day, from 7am – 9.30 pm (Mon-Fri). The studio is also open for four hours on Saturday and Sunday, from 9am. The price for a 60 minute yoga or pilates drop-in class starts at £18 and a whole week of yoga is just £40. A monthly memberships costs £115 and the annual fee is just short of £1000. Teas and toiletries are included in the price, although you do have to part with a pound for the towels if you are just dropping in.  Treatments start at £37.50 for half an hour and £65 for an hour. Acupuncture is also available at £60 and £45 for follow-up treatment.

Yoga should truly be an important part of all of our lives, especially when we barely get anytime to ourselves. Whether as part of a daily routine or simply as an occasional treat, we should all set aside a little time to relax and replenish.