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A Fictional Food Affair at The Fable
May 14th 2016 | Written by Frances O'Brien

A Fictional Food Affair at The Fable

A short fictional story, often featuring mythical creatures and plants is how you would best describe a fable. The Fable restaurant in Farringdon stays true to its origins online where it’s described as being ‘inspired by the fantasy world of fairy tales.’ To me this conjures up a quirky environment full of mystery and wonder and so I was intrigued as to what lay ahead.

There was a loose literary theme with a wall stacked high of old novels creating an cocooned seating area for a select group of diners. The small touches across the three story restaurant also added to the fascination such as the old bookcase full of quirky trinkets as well as the bar covered in overgrown plants. The theme however didn’t translate well with the rest of the environment nor did it work with the menu. Instead, the exposed pipework above and the bulbs hanging from wires created a very dimly lit, industrial feel. Likewise, the pulsating pop tunes failed to add to the apparent mysterious setting and instead made it difficult to converse.

Despite the disjointed theme, the meal was very enjoyable and the service extremely attentive. Two delicious cocktails, a passion fruit mojito and a Hummingbird martini made their way to our table within no time. The latter particularly stood out with its concoction of gin, elderflower, lime and raspberry, creating a beautiful fusion of citrus and sweet flavours.


The menu predominantly consisted of comfort food ranging from pies to burgers, however this was accompanied by a list of delectable specials. I mixed it up and opted for the crab on toast with chili, coriander and lime mayonnaise from the main menu and the sea bream from the specials. The crab was well seasoned and it sat on a thick loaf of fresh rye bread, giving it a sumptuous appearance. I was hoping for more of a citrus kick as the flavours were rather subtle, however the addition of the chili supplemented this and it was very enjoyable.


The main course was an absolute winner, not only did the presentation excite me but it was full of flavour. The sea bream was served on a bed of fresh vegetables and the chorizo, lentils and subtle spices accompanied the fish beautifully. It was enjoyed with a sparkling Italian white wine; the Prosecco Spumante DOC, Dal Bello, which had a fruity fragrance and the refreshing taste complimented the main course well.


The strawberry and mint pavlova was also an impressive sight and although the meringue was a little chewy, it was a good end to an enjoyable meal.


Overall I was impressed, the menu was affordable and dishes were served to a high standard with lots of flair. I’m also particularly intrigued by their ‘Books for Brunch,’ events, which involve complimentary tea, coffee and pastries as you listen to writers discuss their new books. I would definitely recommend this venue to a group of young people on the lookout for a place to eat after work with a lively atmosphere. However if you fancy an intimate, relaxed setting or a romantic meal for two, you’re better off elsewhere.