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10 London Blogs You’ll Love
Dec 28th 2012 | Written by TownFish Team

10 London Blogs You’ll Love

One of the greatest appeals of London is the sheer amount of places to go. There are enough bars and restaurants alone to do one of each every day and never get through them all in a lifetime. Add in galleries, museums, cafes and… well, you get the idea.

The question is, how can you find the best London has to offer? With so much out there, nobody wants to waste their time and money in an establishment that isn’t fully deserving of either. Life is too short for bad wine, as they say.

However, there is help at hand for Londoners seeking sound advice for the best of London. The capital boasts some of the best city bloggers in the world, and they’re both passionate and dedicated to the hunt for London’s hidden gems.

A good London blogger is worth their weight in gold when it comes to recommendations, and most of them do it for nothing more than the joy of writing about the city they love.

Here’s our pick of some of the fantastic London blogs that offer a guide to London that you won’t find in any tourist literature.


Do you love baking and London? Do you trawl the streets of London for biscuits, cakes and pastries? You’re not alone. Luckily so does Stacey, our London flour expert. Follow Stacey’s travels to find the best brownies, cookies and anything else sweet and worth a mention. And with gorgeous photography alongside, our mouths are watering already.


Twitter: @baker_court

Gingle Lists Everything

“Eating. Drinking. Clubbing. Free things. Fun things. Quirky things. This is what I do.” London addict Gingle loves her lists. She loves to write them,  cross things off and add more to the list. And luckily for us she invites us to join her in her ‘crossing off fetish’. Gingle has several lists, which you can have a look at and see how she got on when she crossed them off. Or if you’re feeling adventurous, go and visit something that hasn’t been crossed off yet and tell her how it went. We love a good list!


Twitter: @Ginglesnuff

Little London ObservasionistThe blogger behind Little London Observationist

It’s hard to believe that this project of expat Stephanie Sadler isn’t run by at least a dozen people. However almost all the articles and photography are the result of Stephanie’s passion about her favourite city. Sharing her love of London through articles, reviews and photography, this is a blog that uncovers the side of London that many visitors and city-dwellers don’t get to see. In her own words, Stephanie’s focus is firmly on ‘the little things’.  We particularly love her articles about the Londoners themselves, really highlighting the vibrant and dynamic nature of our city. Teamed with some fantastic photography, the Little London Observationist shows us the best of London, under the surface.  Alongside reviews, this blog is bursting with interviews with Londoners, snippets of London culture, and a glimpse of the unusual, everyday.


Twitter: @LLOStephskimo

London Eater

Dishes from the London Eater blogAnyone who’s had a bad dinner in London knows how important it is to find the right places to eat in the capital. And whilst plenty of good food is out there, the amount of choice can be overwhelming. Fortunately for foodies, London Eater hosts a huge collection of reviews of London’s finest restaurants. From street food to haute cuisine, the London Eater shares his experiences, accompanying his articles with beautifully appetising photography. Ironically, LE founder Kang was first inspired to write when stranded in West Wales, but fortunately for us his articles are firmly based within London’s city limits. Expect honest, down-to-earth reviews that’ll have you considering taking up eating out in London as a full-time hobby.


Twitter: @LondonEater

The London Review Of Breakfasts

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and these guys make sure you never miss a good start by seeking out the best breakfasts in the city.  Every article contains the kind of rich descriptions and attention to detail you’d expect from a good novel, getting you as close to visiting as you can be without actually stepping foot outside your front door. There’s even breakfast-related poetry peppered across the articles. When it comes to eggs and bacon, these guys are the true connoisseurs of everything from breakfast to… well, brunch. And we’re happy to take direction from the bloggers with pen names the likes of ‘Stephen Fry-up’ and ‘Eggs Miliband’ anyday.


Twitter: @MalcomEggs

Ian Visits

Ian is a renowned London blogger, and it’s not difficult to see why; a quick glance at his blog reveals articles of the Image of tunnels from the IanVisits blogfrequency and calibre of some of the big London websites. With almost daily updates, ‘Ian Visits’ keeps readers abreast of events and news in the city, meaning you’ll never feel left out. The site even has an events calendar separating out the free events for the light of wallet. Lurking within the site’s pages is also a gallery, brimming with some fantastic London street photography that gives a real sense of the hidden gems that can be found all over the city.


Twitter: @ianvisits

London On The Inside

bottles of beer lined upThese guys epitomise pure London cool. Promising to seek out the hippest trends, coolest bands, social events and industry secrets, you’ll never feel left in the dark.  For those who deplore chains and the mainstream, this blog is a treasure trove for anything off the beaten track, from quirky pop-up restaurants to secret London gigs. We love the handpicked nature of their selections – shunning the everyday in order to post about a new hot tub cinema in Hackney sounds like a great idea to us. And for the thrifty, check out their ‘Swag’ section for the best free events, and a few giveaways to boot.


Twitter: @LondONtheinside

Stella’s Wardrobe

Stella from Stella's WardrobeFashion fanatics, look no further. London-based blogger Stella takes us on a tour of the city through her eyes, never leaving the house without her trusty camera. Modelling an amazing new outfit in almost every entry, Stella’s eye for the unusual uncovers some amazing sources for fashion must-haves in the capital, whether new or vintage. And it’s not just apparel Stella seeks out – amongst her articles are examples of her favourite London hangouts, including cafes, galleries and brunches to die for. All this whilst making being fashionable look completely effortless.



Twitter: @StellaKatterman


The Accidental Londoner

An image from the Accidental Londoner blog

Describing herself as ‘a Midlander who isn’t entirely sure how I ended up here’ the Accidental Londoner navigates London, and lets us tag along for the ride. It’s a refreshing insight for even the most experienced Londoner, as they can see the city through the eyes of someone discovering it for the first time. And who knows, you might find your attention drawn to something you’ve walked past every day, never thinking to go inside.


Twitter: @accidentalLDNr

Where That Ben Went

An image from Where That Ben Went's blogBen Wallace is a blogger who is going places in London, and fortunately for us is happy to give us some insight into his travels. After two years in the city, Ben decided that there was more to London, and set a challenge to visit 101 places and events before the onset of the London Olympics. However, he hasn’t stopped there, and continues to explore the city, keeping us lucky readers in the loop with his latest exploits.


Twitter: @BenWallace10


Hopefully this diverse bunch of writers will help you explore the best London has to offer. Within this mere handful of blogs are enough London reviews, tips and anecdotes to keep most people occupied for a lifetime!