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The Lure of The Lighterman
Aug 21st 2016 | Written by Frances O'Brien

The Lure of The Lighterman

There’s no better place in London to kick off the weekend on a hot summer’s day than at Granary Square.  The square has been part of a major redevelopment in Kings Cross that was once an underused industrial wasteland that has since transformed into a trendy area full of bars and restaurants. The Lighterman opened earlier this year and its idyllic setting on the east side of Granary Square has made it a popular dining spot.


The name originates from the Victorian workers who operated barges carrying goods on London’s canals known as ‘lighters.’ It’s a fitting name for this three-story restaurant, which overlooks Regent’s canal. The building contains a minimalist, chic design, with floor-to-ceiling glass windows and a sun terrace. Whether you are inside or out, you’re still able to enjoy the panoramic views and soak in the bustling atmosphere from below. We were lucky to sit on the terrace on a particularly sunny morning for a spot of brunch.


They had a delicious selection of fruit based dishes but I gave into the smoked salmon, avocado salsa and spelt flour flat bread. The flat bread was baked using techniques from Indian cuisine where it was blown up. Not only did its appearance look particularly elegant on the rustic wooden board but it made the perfect accompaniment for dipping into the avocado salsa and acted as a base for the salmon. We then ended with frothy cappuccinos from the bar on the opposite side, situated directly on the canal towpath where we whittled away the morning watching barges pass.


Given the stunning setting and chic décor, it was surprising to see just how affordable the menu was. It was also impressive due to the huge variety of food on offer where it featured an all day menu of Modern British food and an extensive drinks list. I also assumed it was the kind of restaurant with an air of pretention but instead the staff were extremely friendly and it had such a laid-back atmosphere. It’s no surprise why there’s been such a hive of activity here this summer.