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Surf and Turf to London’s best panoramic views
Jul 31st 2014 | Written by Matt

Surf and Turf to London’s best panoramic views

Altitude London View

Who would have thought that the Millbank Tower near Westminster and Pimlico, which, I think we can all agree, is not the oldest, prettiest, tallest, most famous or historically important of the London skyscrapers, would be home to such an epic enclave of relaxation and perfectly delivered burger and lobster?

The Lobster London is situated on the 28th floor overlooking what is quite possibly one of London’s best panoramic views, incorporating a panoramic vista from North to South broken only by the gentle ribbon of the Thames. It was launched recently in March 2014 by Altitude, designed to be a casual dining experience with a fantastic cocktail bar, in relaxed/comfortable. The view in itself makes this restaurant a special place to come for any occasion, with a nice mix of 80’s and 90’s retro vibes, bouncing quietly off the NYC-style exposed brickwork, and a menu to rival any of the building’s supermodel siblings down the Thames.

True to its theme the menu is straight forward, you have a choice of plates which cover the main topic “burger and lobster’’ but let’s not be too hasty for as everyone knows, all excellent meals are usually preceded by an outstanding selection of cocktails and Lobster London is no different with a range that covers frozen and traditional to choose from.

We opted first for the frozen style with ‘Rock Lobster’, a summer carnival in a glass of dark and white rums sweetened up by banana liqueur and beautiful fresh juices, and also the Strawberry Daiquiri. We also ordered a rather potent Long Island Iced Tea, and as the stress of the working week melted swiftly away, we were ready to get stuck into the food menu.

Lobster London Double Clammy

If you have the same quandary as we did in the totally intense ‘lobster or burger’ decision-making process then allow us to lighten your emotional burden and suggest the ‘Double Clammy’ (£35).

Ordering one per person (obviously… there are sometimes in life when sharing is most definitely not caring), each individual will receive the best of both worlds; a modern and utterly delectable twist on the ‘surf n turf’, a whole freshly grilled lobster and your choice of two sliders from the options of Angus Steak, Pulled Pork, Cajun Chicken or Mushroom & Garlic) with an accompanying pairing of green salad and truly scrumptious crisp fries… London Lobster does go a step further with their prize platter‘I Came, I Claw, I Conquered’ which promises a veritable tower of lobster catering for 3-4 people. For simpler desires, you can choose one of the slider options and have it as a big ol’ burger with your choice of sides (truffle fries anyone?).

Pleasantly full and admiring the sheer quality of everything, we were then convinced to try dessert. Unable to decide; the fantastic staff made the choice for us and presented the Chocolate Extravaganza (£15 for 2 people), and their Banoffee Pie with Ice Cream. Being Banoffee Pie connoisseurs, we can certainly guarantee this to be one of the best we’ve ever tasted, but it was the Extravaganza that really won our hearts and taste buds in the end.

Generously filled with moreish chocolate truffles laid either side of a large white chocolate log filled to the brim with even more milk chocolate and positively covered in rich cream, this is probably illegal in several different countries, but it certainly brought a chocolaty smile to these faces at the end of our meal.

At the core of Lobster London is a belief that people deserve to be spoiled sometimes and everything from the spectacular view, the decadent menu, the truly boozy cocktails to the faultless staff upholds this philosophy. Note to self, your night doesn’t have to end once you’ve finished eating, on the same floor is the popular Skybar where you can round your evening off in style.

Chocolate Extravaganza