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Boulestin Restaurant: French Dining in the Heart of Piccadilly
May 7th 2014 | Written by TownFish Team

Boulestin Restaurant: French Dining in the Heart of Piccadilly

The original Boulestin Restaurant was opened by the world-renowned French Chef Marcel Boulestin in the mid-1920s. Situated in Covent Garden, it was said to have been one of the most expensive restaurants of its time in the English capital, not to mention one of the most splendid. With the new version just two minutes away from Piccadilly, it is now possible to dine on exquisite French food in warm and convivial surroundings once more.

The restaurant boasts both a restaurant (out back) and a cafe (out front), with the latter providing cheaper meal options.  For those of you dining before or after the theatre, they have a special set menu with three courses available for little over £20. There is a secluded and peaceful outdoor terrace, and a Private Dining Room which provides a great area for events, celebratory meals, and get-togethers.

The true spirit of Boulestin, however, is found in the fine dining experience it offers out back. This is where the new Boulestin remains most loyal to its near-century old predecessor. With renowned dishes including Oeuf en Gelée, Fish Soup, Grilled Calves Liver, Cassoulet and Daube of Beef (rated as the “best I’ve had in years” by AA Gill), dinner is a real event. On top of this, there is also a stomach-trembling array of fine desserts, including Sauternes Custard with Agen Prunes in Armagnac, and an irresistible Tarte au Citron.

Both the decor and the menu provide a sense of nostalgia, which transports you back to pre-war London – in the most Bourgeois sense (and perhaps with a hint of Paris). Its diversity matches its irrefutable class and this is where the new restaurant stands out as a certain hit.

For any fanatic of fine French cuisine, Boulestin is a must. London theatre-goers should also add this quality  establishment to their list of places to visit on a perfect (and perhaps romantic) thespian evening out in the city.

Boulestin is located at 5 St James’s Street and bookings can be made online – – or over the phone (+44 (0)20 7930 2030).

TownFish Visit Thursday 10th April:

“We had a truly memorable experience when we visited Boulestin. Upon arrival we were struck by the wonderful ambience of this superb French restaurant. The waiters were delightfully friendly and recommended we try the Wye Valley Asparagus with Bayonne Ham and Poached Egg and Pan-fried Rye Bay Scallops for starters. We enjoyed Roast Pigeon and Daube de Boeuf for main courses, and the Tarte au Citron and Sauternes Custard with Agen Prunes in Armagnac for dessert. The food was exemplary and packed with intense, complex and unique flavours. The atmosphere was charming and somewhat romantic, with low light, beautiful décor, and the right amount of customers to allow for a non-rushed personalised service. Thank you Boulestin for a wonderful evening.”