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Yumchaa: A Tea Treat
Nov 6th 2013 | Written by TownFish Team

Yumchaa: A Tea Treat

After all the Halloween excitement and Guy Fawkes explosions you might just fancy a calm spot of tea. One of our favourite tea spots in central London is Yumchaa.

Located at two spots in the Soho area, these rather unassuming little shops are a fantastic place to stop into whether you’re having a full day of shopping or have just popped into the city to catch up with a friend.

Yumchaa has become quite a hotspot, and whilst we’ve never had to wait for a table to become available, it’s the sort of place which fills up and stays filled. This is no McDonalds, where the service is as quick as possible, ushering you out the door as soon as you’ve taken your last sip. Here, you can order quickly, have a chat with the staff, find a seat, and then spend a happy few hours nattering with friends, or simply sitting with your laptop and letting the world go by (as many regulars tend to).


Yumchaa Teas

The major attraction of Yumchaa is, of course, its teas which come in loose leaf form and have been blended into a range of gorgeous specialities. Little pots next to the till allow you to smell each one before you order so that you can either stick to your regular tipple or try something a little different. We rather enjoy Soho Spice, Enchanted Forest and the quintessentially English Earl Grey Blue Star, but with a huge variety of others on offers it’s easy to stay there for an afternoon trying one flavour after the next. Tea is served in lovely china to really get the best tea taste possible, and service is so friendly that you’ll feel you’re at your mates place. Just remember to use the tea strainer as! No matter how many times we go, we always manage to forget and end up with a cuppa of floating tea leaves.

Yumchaa Food

Yumchaa also provides a good variety of hearty food and we often find ourselves enjoying courses backwards – starting with a muffin or brownie before realising we can’t resist a humus dip or vegetable roasted falafel as well. And with cute little signs reminding you to recycle and stay green, this spot is definitely for the eco-minded.

The décor in Yumchaa has a relaxed and trendy feel, with collages of newspaper and magazine cuttings across the wall to create the feeling that you’re wrapped in history. Furniture is a jumble of different styles and makes, with wooden and metal chairs next to little tables. A trendy vibe is great for feeling that you’re in an up and coming destination, but there’s no pretension so you can easily relax, enjoy the tea and conversation, and let the hip world of Soho drift past the windows. After you’ve gone to Yumchaa once our bet is you’ll go again, and again.