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Tombo: Come to Soho’s first authentic Poké and Matcha Bar
Jul 4th 2016 | Written by Baldwin Ho

Tombo: Come to Soho’s first authentic Poké and Matcha Bar

Tombo might be one of the healthiest bars you will come across not just in Soho but London. Poké and Matcha are two buzzwords you might hear health-conscious foodies use on a regular basis but you might not be 100% sure of the meaning. Poké is a raw fish salad served Hawaiian style, whilst matcha is a finely ground powder of specially grown and processed green tea; both are known to have numerous health benefits.

The clean, simple designs of Tombo are in keeping with the style of the food. Cream coloured walls, light wooden panels and gentle Japanese touches makes the bar a welcoming addition to the Soho culinary scene.Tombo interior

You can build your own poké by picking the base, the main, the sauce, the mix ins and toppings or go with their signature recommendations. By far their best seller is salmon avo lux: salmon and avocado is always a winning combination especially when you match it with wasabi soy, edamame, salmon caviar and nori. The mixture of textures, taste and the freshness of the dish really makes eating healthily a less daunting task than normal. If you like a little more kick in your poké, then their spicy mayo prawn is a wonderful choice with fiery sirracha mayo. We tried both the black and white rice as well as the courgette noodles as base; both are becoming increasingly popular amongst the diet-conscious in London.Tombo Salmon poke

If you are keen on a sweet ending to your meals, then their matcha tart is the ideal dessert for you. It might not help with your calorie counting but even the desserts here taste healthy. The tart is moist, whilst the crust is firm and it is a little indulgent treat that you deserve after ordering a healthy poké for your meal.Tombo matcha tart

Being a matcha bar, there are of course more options than just desserts. They have matcha teas, latte, soft serve, milkshake, brownie and juices. If fact if you can think of something using matcha, they are probably serving it at Tombo. The classic iced matcha latte we tried was perfectly chilled and thirst-quenching and the same also applied for the matcha juice we tried with apple and ginger.Tombo matcha powder

If you lived on a daily diet of poké and matcha daily, I would suspect your life expectancy would undoubtedly increase. However, healthy food doesn’t have to be dull, just make a visit to Tombo in Soho and find out for yourself.