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A journey to discover the best of British at the Betjeman Arms
Aug 7th 2016 | Written by Baldwin Ho

A journey to discover the best of British at the Betjeman Arms

Before you head towards the continent on the eurostar, you might wish to sample the best of what the British has to offer in terms of cuisine and craft beer; the Betjeman Arms would be your ideal stopover prior to your journey. It is conveniently situated above St Pancras International Station where you can also admire the wonders of Victorian engineering with the magnificence of the grand building.

The venue is conveniently divided into the main bar, the grand terrace, the rustic and homely looking pantry and the wonderfully plush looking main dining room. The Betjeman arms interior

The menu is an amalgamation of the most popular British pub classics and from a cursory glance of the dishes, they use premium, sustainable and mostly local ingredients. The grilled tiger prawns starter was attractively plated, although size wise they looked far from being tiger prawns. The prawns were slightly mushy but taste wise spot on with a refreshing combination of mango and chilli salsa, lobster dressing and avocado.The Betjeman Arms - grilled tiger prawns

There was a British stamp of excellence over the main course with the lamb chop from Barnsley and the potato bake mixed with Sussex charmer. The lamb chop was rather bony and could have been more meaty but was well grilled and flavoured with green sauce and a healthy dose of courgette spaghetti. All the other typical classics are on the menu such as sausage and mash and fish and chips complete with mushy peas and tartare sauce.The Betjeman arms - lamb chops
Their trio of dessert classics: chocolate fondant, Bakewell tart, Eton mess would have been the dream choice had I chosen a lighter main course, but white chocolate panna cotta was a worthy alternative. It was filled with healthy looking fruits on top and a sprinkle of honeycomb crumbs and mini-white chocolate buttons. It wasn’t an overly sweet dessert that was served in just the right portion size.The Betjeman arms - white chocolate panna cotta

They often run special craft ale festivals to celebrate the best of British offerings along with an extensive list of wines which include some British up and coming varieties especially on the sparkling wine front.

If you are feeling sorry after the brexit vote, a short visit to the Betjeman Arms might cheer you up as it is a reminder of what the British are great at producing.