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The Princess of Wales Pub: Pride of Primrose Hill That Even Banksy Can’t Resist!
Mar 31st 2014 | Written by Matt

The Princess of Wales Pub: Pride of Primrose Hill That Even Banksy Can’t Resist!

Banksy Beer GardenWith its location in the leafy suburb of Primrose Hill, The Princess of Wales pub is always going to be something a little bit more than a traditional pub. That being said, its prime Sunday roasts, hearty English breakfasts and dog-friendly custom do present a tad of the traditional.

Our team dropped by for a visit early one evening last week and sampled the pub’s signature hot chicken wings which came with a delicious blue Monday dip that really got our taste buds dancing. These come as a bar snack in the evening, but are also available in bigger portions on the main menu – and we challenge you to resist.

With the addition of their Banksy beer garden, named after a mysterious lion stencil miraculously appeared on the garden wall overnight in 2011, and live jazz to entertain Sunday roast fans, its cultural countenance takes an elegant leap forward into the modern day.

The food is something special. Although you can satisfy your rehabilitation requirements on an indulgent Sunday, or any other day for that matter, with a plethora of good grub, there are also some more subtle approaches: Roast field mushroom & Summerset brie; Parma ham, roasted figs, baby buffalo mozzarella, aged balsamic reduction, and roast butternut squash, beetroot, soft goat’s cheese, English balsamic & rocket are just a few mouth-watering examples.

On the third Thursday of every month, from 5pm, Tommi’s Burger Joint takes over the kitchen for their monthly residency serving up delicious patties for carnivores and vegetarians alongside properly skinny, crunchy and salty fries, and homemade Béarnaise and cocktail sauces, as well as exclusive menu additions.  A selection of craft beers and cocktails courtesy of the team at the pub and live music from resident DJ complete the picture.

The pub has numerous private rooms available for special occasions and events spread throughout its three floors. This includes a downstairs garden room, which leads out to the Banksy Garden is ideal in the spring and summer especially.

Primrose Hill is a beautiful part of the city and The Princess of Wales really can provide all the vital ingredients for a good ole British outing: Great food, specialist craft beers and a unique, inviting environment.

For a free sample of the Princess Of Wales pub signature hot wings and craft beer CLICK HERE

Princess of Wales Dining