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Discover the art of grilling at Omnino Steakhouse in Aldgate
Dec 25th 2016 | Written by Baldwin Ho

Discover the art of grilling at Omnino Steakhouse in Aldgate

Steakhouses in the city are generally high-end classy affairs and Omnino is no exception with their refined, alluring decor. What is different is their friendly, approachable attitude towards customer service. As you descend into their warmly lit dining room, the staff greet you with a glowing smile and this extends to the waiter service, who are knowledgeable, attentive yet discreet.

The decor is dominated by various shades of brown from the neat brickwork to the dark leather seats and the mustard-coloured sofas. Being a steakhouse, various bottles of red wines are displayed on their shelves ready for pairing with their fine steaks.

The independent owners have previously been running the Argentine Steak House before deciding to open Omnino which focuses on the art of grilling. Their skills are not just displayed for their steaks, but the starter of black tiger prawns were expertly grilled retaining the succulent, salty flavours of the prawn. It is relatively large in size with a good percentage of meat hence the exorbitant price tag of £22.55 for the dish. There are better valued options like the homemade ravioli with mascarpone, ricotta cheese and spinach. The thin skin of the pasta perfectly encasing the creaminess of the cheese.Black tiger grilled prawns

They have great partnerships with South American suppliers and ranches to ensure they have top quality meats, but they also have supplies from the US, British and Australian Wagyu to ensure you won’t be short of options. A great value way to try the various offerings is the Omnino tasting option which includes 100g Wagyu Picaña, 100g fillet, 100g Churrasco rump. The various steaks contrast well, as you sample the lean tastes of the fillet which contrasts with the fattiness and herb tastes from the churrasco rump, whilst you experience exceptional quality with the grade 5 Wagyu Picaña.Omnino tasting steaks

We matched the steaks with a robust Felino Malbec from Mendoza, Argentina. It is an elegant and balanced wine with strong hints of licorice and chocolate which matches well with the meatiness from the steaks.

The dessert selections include a creamy tasting Panna cotta, although the winner is their chocolate torte which is unlike bland typical preparations at other restaurants, because this version has multiple layers of different types of chocolates along with a rich layer of classic Argentinian dulce de leche. My guest remark that this was the most sumptuous tasting chocolate torte he’s ever tried aptly sums up this amazing dessert.Omnino Panna Cotta

Omnino chocolate torteThis is a hidden gem in the city that should be visited not just be city workers, but all lovers of fine steaks.