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Experience magic and sparkle this Christmas at Nordic Yulefest
Dec 4th 2016 | Written by Baldwin Ho

Experience magic and sparkle this Christmas at Nordic Yulefest

Going out to Christmas parties is a crucial part of the team-bonding experience at your work or an opportunity to charm someone dear to your heart. In the crowded marketplace, where do you look for the ultimate Christmas party experience? Something that isn’t too gaudy or uncouth would be ideal. Nordic Yulefest is a top option to consider if you are looking for something more chic and refined.

If you consider the brains behind this project is Meredith O’Shaughnessy who has worked with brands like Lamborghini, Manolo Blahnik and Vivienne Westwood, it is unsurprising to discover a nordic world with taste and refinement in the heart of Shoreditch.

For a minimal entrance fee, you can enter their nordic bar, which has been themed to represent the hygge lifestyle of our Northern European neighbours. There are cosy fur-covered seating, warm tealights and rustic exposed brickwork. They are chic cocktails, photo booth, Christmas props that include a sleigh and a giant bear.Nordic Yulefest bar area

If you want to experience the full Nordic charms then I would book in for their 5 course rolling-feast in their simple yet smartly arranged dining room. Wintry trees and plants are used beautifully to decorate the tables and the ceiling.Nordic Yulefest Dining Hall

If you are bored with traditional turkey, then their exciting Norwegian menu will be causing uncontrollable salivation. Starters include a sharing smörgåsbord from the land, sea and farm. The Norwegian beef tartare is chilled to just the right temperature and has gentle pine-smoked notes. The ice cellar salmon is equally fresh-tasting and has a vibrant kick from the mustard which complemented the fish. Beetroot fritters with yoghurt dressing were hearty and filling. The sharing style is great for mingling and starting up conversations with your neighbouring guests.Ice Cellar salmon

Wild mushroom broth was heartwarming and had a hint of truffle which added to the taste of the broth without overpowering the mushroom taste. Grilled hake was delicately cooked with delicious clam butter sauce although it did have some pesky small fish bones. Roasted and smoked duck had a fruity sauce with apples and prunes. Overall the options felt Christmassy without being stereotypically bland with dishes such as turkey and Christmas pudding.Roasted and smoked duck

There were some minor issues with service timings on the preview night we went; no doubt this would have been fixed in time for their actual launch. You might not expect a Nordic wonderland in the heart of Shoreditch but that is exactly what the Meredith Collective has delivered. Book now before the pop-up closes on the 18th December.