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No.29 Power Station West: The cool hangout of choice in the future at Battersea
Aug 24th 2017 | Written by Baldwin Ho

No.29 Power Station West: The cool hangout of choice in the future at Battersea

First, there was Stratford, then it was King’s Cross and the next area where you will be mesmerised by the masters of urban regeneration will be Battersea. Whilst the power station part isn’t quite ready for the red carpet opening, there have been many new residential developments opening quietly in the area. Circus West Village is the opening chapter in the unfolding story in Battersea and one of the newest bars to open there is No. 29 Power Station West.

Whilst the bar isn’t easy to locate even if you enter the postcode on your apps, the trek is well worth the effort for the stunning views of the Thames plus also the effortlessly cool design of the bar areas. That isn’t a surprise given they are the team behind award-winning design venues like No. 197 Chiswick Fire Station. There are relaxing white wicker patio furniture for you to soak up the gorgeous views on the terrace or comfy couches indoors with designer lamp shades and fans. There is also a private cinema in the basement so look out on their website for information about their film club nights.

Their food menu is incredibly extensive for what is considered a bar venue. For starters, I tried their spicy crab cakes which were well-sized and had an invigorating sweet chilli crème Fraiche, although it would be even better if it had a higher ratio of crab meat to potatoes. The kitchen team clearly loves frying pans here, as the starter was served in a dainty version whilst the main course came with a vitrified porcelain frying pan.

The main course was the No.29 house burger which came with a choice of Cornish Yarg or blue cheese (I went for the blue cheese variety). It might not be the juiciest patty around or the meatiest, but they do offer 2 patties that have a welcoming smokiness from the grilling. The brioche bun was plump-looking and had a delightful sweetness and their house-made burger sauce is the addictively tasting type which you will not doubt smother all over the burger.

They have a fine selection of wines, beers and cocktails. The Bloody Mary I tried had the sharp kick that was the ideal drink early in the week to kick start a busy working week.

To neutralise all the indulgent food from the starter and main course sections, I would recommend trying their coconut chia pudding. Chia is well known for their nutritional value and includes plenty of fibre, protein, Omega-3 fatty acids and various micronutrients. The dish also contained healthy poached peach and coconut yoghurt.

Before you leave, I would strongly recommend a final drink on their relaxing, calming terrace and admire the beauty of the Thames.