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Fulfill your diva dreams at Lucky Voice Soho
Sep 14th 2016 | Written by Baldwin Ho

Fulfill your diva dreams at Lucky Voice Soho

Recommending quirky, challenging and fun activities is what we love to do at Townfish. The challenge doesn’t come greater than putting up with your friend’s out-of-tune singing for 2 hours; then again that is also part of the enjoyment when you meet up with friends and bond over mutually deplorable singing at the karaoke haven that is Lucky Voice in Soho. Thankfully, there’s no Simon Cowell in sight as you walk pass the corridors; you can hear most guests warble haplessly whilst trying to sing the latest pop tunes in the right key.

They have private pods for group sizes from 4 to 12+. I would say any number in-between is generally suitable, as you don’t want too few people and end up straining your voice hosting a private concert for your friends and you don’t want too many fighting over control of the karaoke machine. There are places called pubs for that type of karaoke. This is a far more exclusive and bespoke experience. The rooms are suitably dimmed so you can enjoy their disco ball effects and their pink lights. What is remarkably fun about the lucky voice experience is they provide you with colourful wigs, silly hats, star-shaped glasses and blow-up guitars, which puts you straight into the party atmosphere.Lucky Voice soho private pod

The equipment is relatively high-tech where you can promptly pick songs you like, change the pitch of the music, add-on echo effects etc. It is a delightful surprise to find that you don’t end up singing ABBA songs all night, but they do have the latest from the pop charts too, such as Cake by the Ocean from DCNE. Although I do have a suggestion for them having visited karaoke bars in the Far East, they should purchase one of those gadgets that rates how close you manage to sing the actual song accurately; which would be a great addition amongst a group of competitive friends.

Sipping on beautifully crafted cocktails is part of visiting any karaoke bar and they have a fine selection on offer here. The ones we tried like Drunk In Love were deceptively light with the addition of a multitude of summer fruits, however it did contain strong spirits like brugal rum, goslings black seal rum and Galliano. Their sharer cocktails are a must-order experience coming in attractive receptacles like the colourful horse for A horse with no name.Lucky Voice - sharer cocktail and pizza

There are casual food options available like margarita, chicken supreme and pepperoni pizzas. Although you do wonder if they are missing a trick in up selling more food options with easy to prepare items like sushi and smoked salmon. They do have some very strong options for large groups whether it is cocktail or singing masterclasses. If you are looking to organise something quirky and out of the ordinary for a special party with friends or family, then Lucky Voice might just be the place for you.Lucky voice pizza