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Flavour Garden: a healthy sanctuary for time-conscious city workers in Tower Hill
Dec 25th 2016 | Written by Baldwin Ho

Flavour Garden: a healthy sanctuary for time-conscious city workers in Tower Hill

Flavour Garden has the kind of special kerb appeal where you are compelled to stop and take notice. It has floor to ceiling glass windows and rows upon rows of healthy-looking green potted plants. It is a strongly branded concept about offering an urban escape for delivering natural, honest, healthy food at all times of the day.

As you enter, their impressive wooden counter will immediately catch your eye with a plethora of healthy and flavoursome delights that vie for your attention. There are dishes varying from light bites to more hearty full meal courses and homemade cakes.Flavour Garden counter

We decided to try out both their lunch and dinner options. For lunch we tried a takeaway of smoked salmon bagel with herby cream cheese. The smoked salmon was premium quality, although I would say the cream cheese could have had a stronger herby taste. Dinner is also a casual affair, but there is no less attention to detail. The food is mostly presented invitingly on their metallic food counter. The charcuterie boards are beautifully presented with cherry tomatoes and oak cakes; with the elegant taste of the high quality meat, you could quite conceivably finish several of these platters before your train home arrives.Flavour Garden charcuterie boards

We also tried their healthy tasting falafel wraps. The chickpeas used were surprisingly filling and it came with a decent amount of spices to make sure that vegetarian wraps doesn’t equate to boring wraps. There are other options like goat cheese skewers with stuffed olives and rolled seaweed stuffed with quinoa and vegetables.Falafel wraps

The other highlights are their expertly branded cold-pressed juices. They are made fresh daily using only organic ingredients and no other additives. The bottles have the kind of key buzzwords that just demands consumers to take purchase the juices. I tried the hydrating green, which had a fruity mixture of pineapple, mint, green apple, cucumber, chia seeds and helps with digestion, immune system and hydration. I also tried the cleansing orange which helps with weight loss, maintaining a healthy skin and anti-inflammatory effects. You would not be surprised to see this range of juices being sold in your nearest supermarket.Flavour Garden juices

Apart from juices, they have an extensive range of cocktails created by world champion mixologist, Costa Nikolaidis. If you don’t fancy waiter service or having to approach staff for you beverages, they have a self-service wine dispenser for club holders on the 1st floor in the evenings. Finally their coffee is triple certified and sourced from local roastery Lincoln & York.