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Islingtonites rejoice at the wonderful all day menu at Fig & Olive
Oct 21st 2016 | Written by Baldwin Ho

Islingtonites rejoice at the wonderful all day menu at Fig & Olive

If you want to know why some of the highest house prices are in Islington, you just need to talk a stroll down Upper Street to see all the polished dining establishments and boutique shops on the high street. Fig & Olive is one of the more popular options to consider especially if you are visiting for a weekend brunch.

The dining room is modern and inviting, especially with a tempting display of cakes and salads at their entrance. I particularly enjoyed their smart-looking lamp shades and chandelier. The decor works excellently whether you want an informal breakfast or you are planning a special date night.Fig & Olive decor

They have one of the most extensive menus you will see in any restaurant: they have separate menus for breakfast, lunch, salad buffet, Sunday roast or even an outside catering menu.

For starters, we tried a very hearty and well-portioned butternut squash soup of the day as well as seared fresh scallops. The scallops were very perky and fresh but what made if really standout was the use of flambéed golden apple and orange dressing. It gave the dish are more zesty feel and made it a much more appetising dish than more standard preparations at other restaurants.Fig & Olive scallops
Vegetarians are very well-catered for here, they wanted to make sure there are just as many options for vegetarians as the meat-eaters so that they don’t feel like an afterthought. Fresh is an overused word in restaurant reviews, but their asparagus and mushroom linguine with sun-blushed tomato sauce is as fresh as any offered by top hotel restaurants.

Their seafood casserole is a delectable triumph. The pool of fine seafood such as mussels, salmon and king prawns are served in a no expenses spared rich, creamy tasting lobster bisque with a portion of rice to soak up the irresistible richness. Lobster bisque with rice should be a compulsory dish on every restaurant’s menus.Seafood casserole
We simply had no room left to try the desserts, but they do have an extensive list of cakes, tarts and ice creams; some of which are displayed prominently at the entrance. Double chocolate brownie cheesecake, anyone?

Why did I see so many glasses of Strawberry Champagne over brunch on the weekend? They have an excellent package for a drink with any breakfast dish, fresh fruit salad and tea or coffee for just £15.50. If having alcohol for brunch is too early for you, they do have excellent healthy smoothies like the blackberries, blackcurrant and strawberries combo.Strawberry Champagne and blackberries, blackcurrant and strawberries

With wonderful restaurants like Fig & Olive, it is enough to make me want to move to Islington very soon.