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Eaton Square Restaurant and Cocktail Bar- Flavours of the Mediterranean in the heart of Belgravia
Mar 2nd 2015 | Written by TownFish Team

Eaton Square Restaurant and Cocktail Bar- Flavours of the Mediterranean in the heart of Belgravia

Noura Lounge Eaton Square

Deep in the swankiest heart of the Grosvenor’s Belgravia lies Eaton Square. Once home to Neville Chamberlain, Vivien Leigh and the address of the fictional Bellamy family in ‘Upstairs Downstairs’, it is now known for something altogether more exotic- its incredible Lebanese restaurant and cocktail bar.

Also (handily) called Eaton Square- after a recent 1.6 million refurb, this temple of fresh, seasonal Levantine dishes, a mere five-minute walk from Victoria station, is elegant, inviting and an inspired choice for every occasion from family celebrations to those potentially awkward first dates. Forget dirty food and speakeasies, this is the place to make both an impression and a statement.

Welcomed by super-friendly manager and host Hani, we embarked on our evening of opulence by steadily making our way through the staff cocktail recommendations in the bar area… Old Fashioned? No problem. Caipiroska with undertones of Vanilla and Passionfruit? But of course! Rose-infused Vodka with Lychee and Cranberry? You betcha. If you’re feeling brave then get your taste buds around the finest, ‘blow your bonce off’ mix of Mezcal, Chilli and Tabasco that we have ever experienced.

It was around the time of that latter cocktail, we decided it would probably be a wise idea to get some food down us- cracking choice! Settling into the plush red velvet dining area, the dishes started to arrive… and just kept on coming.

Cocktails Eaton Square

Cocktails Eaton Square

As is typical of Lebanese cuisine, the first course featured a luscious mezze, an array of treats for both tongue and tummy. Heaping fresh, warm pitta bread with a trio of dips- Hoummos, Tzatziki and a fantastic Aubergine Caviar (doesn’t actually include fish roe for the squeamish amongst you)- we also got involved (and then fell in love) with some cheeky little Kofte meatballs with a heavyweight tahini and Sojok lamb sausages. So far, so ‘mniih’.

Not everything on the menu is typically Lebanese with inspiration coming from all across the Med, zig-zagging from Italy to Greece- well, they’ve got to keep you on your toes! For mains, we opted for a stellar Lamb Shank with a kick of woody Rosemary and Red Wine jus and a comforting abundance of mash alongside a beautiful Pan-Fried Salmon Tagliatelle partnered with Shallots and salty Capers. For seafood lovers, we have it on good authority that the Panfried Tiger Prawns dish with chilli, garlic and tarragon butter is the bee’s knees too!

Food Eaton Square

Dessert after all that you say? You bet your bottom dollar we did. Top tips would be for the Rose & Blossom Orange Panna Cotta and the Apple Tart with one of the most incredible Honeycomb icecreams that have ever graced our palates.

Dessert Eaton Square

Though the place was absolutely buzzing with end of week revelers, soundtracked by a funky house DJ, never at any point did it feel like Eaton Square values its bar customers more than its dining patrons. The staff were attentive, equipped to answer questions and generally added to that well-deserved Friday feeling.

Offering live music, a neighbourhood loyalty card scheme, events, 3 extraordinary VIP booths to hire for the price of absolutely nothing, a current 3 for 2 offer on cocktails and a come-one, come-all atmosphere, we can only apologise to Belgravia for exposing its best kept secret to the entire city!

DJ at Eaton Square