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Donostia Social Club brings restaurant quality food to The King & Co in Clapham
Nov 27th 2016 | Written by Baldwin Ho

Donostia Social Club brings restaurant quality food to The King & Co in Clapham

The King & Co is a much-loved local pub for residents of Clapham. They have their popular events such as their hugely entertaining and funny quiz nights on Mondays as well and takeover Wednesdays when they tap a craft keg from their brewery of the month and each pint is just £4. You might think your local pub also offer similar nights; however they are unlikely to have a pop-up kitchen as sensational as the Donostia Social Club.The King & Co exterior

Donostia means “San Sebastian” in basque and that has been regularly voted as the most popular foodie destination for the British when they head to Spain. The most complimentary thing I can say is their food simply doesn’t belong in a pub. Although we must give credit where it is due, when The King & Co brought them in for a pop-up kitchen run back in 2014, they clearly had a knack of spotting talent and this led to their subsequent meteoric rise.

The small plates sharing concept works well for dining with a group of friends. The lamb cutlets recommended by the kitchen was tender with a hint of fattiness to give the meat more flavour and well-flavoured with spiced roast squash and salsa verde. You will notice plenty of basque options on their menu with braised iberico pork cheeks, smoked basque cheese in their mini-burger and delicious iberico salami with bread which goes supremely well with craft beers.Lamb cutlets

Donostia social club - iberico salamiTheir fish and vegetable options are equally strong. A lighter tasting sea bass is matched with the saltiness from the Jamon and also rich tasting blushed tomatoes with aubergine. Healthy wild mushrooms have a drizzle of truffle oil and PX sherry glaze plus finished off with an adorable fried quail egg; it’s a simple dish that has been elevated from pub grub to the fine-dining arena.Sea bass and wild mushrooms

Desserts include items that are tricky to perfect in weaker kitchens such as sherry brandy filo pastry.

They also run special evenings at The King & Co such as a wine pairing dinner with celebrated winemaker Fernando Mora of El Botijo. The pop-up runs until the 1st January so head over before you miss out.