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London Duck Tours: Guided Adventure Through London
Mar 3rd 2014 | Written by Matt

London Duck Tours: Guided Adventure Through London

Duck Tours 3 When you want an entertaining tour of the city, rather than the snooze of a listless guide intoning historical dates, try driving straight off the edge of the Thames in the most bizarre London sightseeing adventure, and book an afternoon with the London Duck Tours. To commence the tour, you clamber aboard a yellow, land-and-sea-going tank-style vehicle, and you can prepare to be wowed by London’s top attractions as you see them from land and sea. These include Westminster Abbey, the London Eye, and Hyde Park Corner.

The amazing amphibious adventure begins with a land tour through the streets of London, as you explore the capital’s historical landmarks, such as 10 Downing Street, Nelson’s Column and St James’s Palace. After this, you head down to the water at MI6’s Secret Intelligence Service and cruise along the Thames to see the Houses of Parliament, the Buxton Memorial and MI5. Each landmark offers up its own highlights, stories and secrets. Perhaps the best part of the Duck Tour is the live-action commentary, which includes alternative titbits which you wouldn’t hear on ordinary sightseeing tours.

In addition to the standard land-and-sea package, you can choose a themed tour too, including a D-Day special where you’ll hear about your vessel’s interesting wartime history. There is also the James Bond commentary tour where you get to see all of the famous settings for the movies, plus some additional MI5 and MI6 extras. Whether you’re new to the city or you’ve done it all before, the London Duck Tours offer up a fantastic alternative way to explore famous London scenery while taking in the finest riverside views.

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