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Social Discovery on Twitter
Dec 17th 2012 | Written by TownFish Team

Social Discovery on Twitter

LondonCrowdOne of the many appeals of London is that there’s enough to keep one busy for a lifetime. However a city as busy, vibrant and buzzing as the capital can seem like it’s moving so fast that it leaves you behind in its wake. With so much to do, how do you keep a track of it all? And more importantly, how do you connect with the things that interest you? Let’s highlight some of our favourite blogs and Twitter feeds to help you get started on a social discovery journey!


For staying ahead of the game in London, one of the best pieces of advice we can give is research, research, research. If you’ve got no plans and want something to do, lay a bit of groundwork and the results will pay dividends. Don’t worry; there are plenty of ways to do this that don’t require a lot of effort. In fact, some of these require just popping your email address into a box and waiting for the inspiration to come to you. If you want something truly real-time, nothing really beats Twitter for staying in the loop. Here are a couple of accounts to watch for London ideas and inspiration:

Great little placesGreatLittlePlace

Specialising in hidden gems and treasures, expect the suggestions here to be a little bit off the beaten track. Starting from small and humble roots, GLP make it their aim to uncover many great little places as possible. Looking at the loyal following they’ve garnered, it seems their fans have nothing but praise for this little independent outfit.

Twitter: @GLPLondon

 Secret London

SecretLondonA simple premise, but a very good one is at work here. If you’re really stuck for ideas but need some quickly, just send a tweet to these guys with what you’re after, whether a restaurant, a quirky activity, or just a good park for people watching. They’ll retweet within a couple of hours to their 60,000 followers, many of which will reply to you with their ideas. Suddenly you have 60k of London’s finest; social discovery at your fingertips, and a plethora of ideas. An inspired idea, and a testament to their runaway success.

Twitter: @Secret_London

London Events

A great account to just sit back and watch, London Events simply posts what’s going on in London several times a day, so you can just follow, sit back and wait for the ideas to pop up on your feed. They post a wide-reaching range of ideas so there should be something to catch even the most discerning Londoner’s eye, whether it be a show, exhibition, night out or a new walking tour.

Twitter: @Events_London



A fantastic one-stop website for any Londoner in the know, the Londonist regularly posts articles, reviews and recommendations right on their homepage for daily browsing. The posts are always well-informed, and usually inspiring too. Our favourites in particular are their rundowns for the week by interest, so whether you’re in a geeky, comedic or romantic mood, they’ve probably posted a list of things to do every day for the coming week. We particularly like the ‘London on the cheap’ list, which is a free or almost free activity a day posted on a Sunday to take you through to the next weekend.


Twitter: @Londonist


A new Yellow Pages of London events, if you will. More interactive than most sites with lots of SkiddleLondonflexibility meaning you can just search for what you’re after and you’re away. A really nice feature means you can search by date and distance to where you are, or simply browse at the things that are happening today. This is a great choice for night owls, as there are plenty of live music and club events listed here. Not only can you find what you’re after, but there’s a link to buy tickets on a lot of the listings, saving a lot of hassle trying to research the event once you know you’re going.


Twitter: @Skiddle

Design my night

DesignMyNightIf you’re up for inspiration whilst bagging a bargain in the process, this is probably a good one for you. Design My Night not only have a homepage choc full of events and ideas to take your fancy, they also find you a deal to enjoy your night without coming home with an empty wallet. They do this through price comparison, so you can use their search function to find the cheapest way to spend your evening at your chosen destination. There’s also plenty of temporary deals floating around, so if you check regularly you could end up saving up to 50% on anything from entry to clubs to 3-course dinners. Keep checking back and you’re sure to find a great London deal.


Twitter: @DesignMyNight

The London word

A bit of a hybrid between blog and fully functioning news and events website, but it’s this that TheLondonWordputs the London Word head and shoulders above the majority of London blogs (and that standard is high, believe me). An eclectic mix of reviews, ideas, news and events, you can have a dig around the site and find plenty to do. And the photography is just fabulous, the food pictures in particular are making my stomach grumble as we write this.


Twitter: @TheLondonWord

This little lady went to London

ThisLittleLadyWentToLondonOne of those blogs that appeared to start small but is anything but in its current incarnation. Expect to find plenty of ideas within its regularly-updated pages, enough to keep you busy for a short lifetime. JJ, the owner of this fabulous blog, prides herself on simply sharing what she loves about London with us fair readers. However, the result seems to be so much more than that. There’s even a little calendar that you can scroll over to see everything that’s going on each day. Great photography, reviews and news abound, just try not to get lost in this little lady’s London.


Twitter: @Love_London

Tired of London Tired of life

TiredOfLondonTiredOfLifeDespite what the title suggests, if this blog teaches us anything it’s that there’s always something to do in London, by giving us an idea a day for things to do. Most of Tom’s ideas are simple (and cheap!) but great ways to see the city close up, in a way that the tourists never could. Subscribe to his mailing list and receive an idea a day right in your inbox. A great low maintenance way to see London up close, every single day.


Twitter: @TiredofLondon


As you can see, keeping track with London’s frantic pace can seem quite daunting, but just a few tools can mean you’re never out of the loop.