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Fast-track Night Club Entry in London with FIXR
Dec 16th 2013 | Written by TownFish Team

Fast-track Night Club Entry in London with FIXR

We’ve all been there. You’ve had a few drinks and it gets to closing time in the pub. Do you go home to a cold empty house or do you head on out to a club with your friends? No brainer. But soon the cheer and merriment of the night take a nosedive when you hit the club only to find a 50 minute queue leaving you standing out in the cold.  But you’ve come this far, there’s no turning back – so like a true Brit we take our place in the queue.

Does it really have to be like this though? Well thanks to some clever people at FIXR, thankfully it doesn’t. FIXR are dragging London’s nightlife scene into the digital age and mercifully this means getting access straight into clubs.

FIXR is a new app and the only one of its kind which allows users to book tickets to a range of London’s hottest nightclubs through a single app at anytime, from anywhere.

Users can search by location – ideal for an impromptu night and those wanting to find the nearest club to them, or they can search by music and venue type – perfect for the more serious clubbers wanting to plan their night in advance.

But this is where it gets really good. When you make your booking through your account you get sent a QR code. Now unlike most other booking sites this isn’t just a voucher code which you then have to print out or queue up to redeem, instead this is your VIP pass straight to the front of the queue and into the club.

So no more expensive cab journeys trying to get to a cash point and no more queuing out in the cold – happy days.

Still only a month or so old, FIXR has already struck up partnerships with some of the biggest names in London nightlife – including the likes of Pacha, Village Underground, Paradise by way of Kensal Green, McQueen and Rhythm Factory – with new clubs being added all the time.

With London’s festive party season in full swing, the free FIXR app is an essential piece of kit for partygoers.