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thinking bob : Taking social events off-line and back into the real world
Mar 13th 2015 | Written by TownFish Team

thinking bob : Taking social events off-line and back into the real world

Pirate Day

No man is an island… even in this crazy city of nearly 9 million people. As our social lives become blighted by a relentless barrage of useless information on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, is anyone else desperate just to reconnect the old-fashioned way? Is anyone else here craving some scintillating conversation that doesn’t involve (admittedly) cute cats doing craaaazy stuff or dresses that won’t stay one colour for long? Well fear not my claustrophobic friends… thinking bob is here to help.

Birthed from the ashes of the London Riots, Bob, a mighty friendly stick man, is bringing our metropolis back together, one new buddy at a time. Though certainly not adverse to the odd tipple of an evening, the purpose of thinking bob social events is to get people out of their rut of ALWAYS meeting down the pub and getting them charging their glasses over something altogether more active and cerebral.

For a mere one pound joining fee (they’re not after your money, this is just to prove you’re not a pesky web robot), you’ll be given a free month to try out your heady new social life and start testing out a myriad of events for smarty pants where the only time a meme is mentioned will be in its original context. From murder mysteries, quizzes, street games, exhibitions to debates and much more, there’s even a chance to escape a room filled with hungry zombies- break me off a piece of that action.

thinking bob

There is an online element to thinking bob but only to be used for growing and maintaining real-world friendships- arranging meet-ups, starting social circles, and planning your own events.

At its heart, founder Rebecca Gregory remembers the challenges of moving to such a big city and wanted to create a way to get people up and out and experiencing the length and breadth of the awesome characters that London has to offer.

As a special treat for your grey matter, thinking bob are offering every Townfish follower an exclusive offer of £5 deducted from your first social event when clicking Join Today over at, paying your ‘I’m not an automaton’ joining fee and letting them know that it was Townfish that sent you. The credit will be in your account within hours and Bob, as they say, is your mother’s brother. They’ve a selection of different membership offers so check the website to see how best to unleash your personal inner geek.

Remember, a friend in real life is worth 100 on Facebook so… if nights down the Royal Oak over weak lager and a packet of honey-roast peanuts are just not cutting it as a ‘social life’ anymore, who you gonna call?