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Everything You Need to Keep Your Property Clean with Fantastic Services
Jun 22nd 2014 | Written by TownFish Team

Everything You Need to Keep Your Property Clean with Fantastic Services

Fantastic ServicesOn their website, Fantastic Services claim that their success and growth over the years has been the result of sticking to a “core philosophy of the highest quality of service, delivered with both convenience and professionalism in mind”. Having begun life as a small carpet cleaning company, they are certainly doing something right; they now provide their clients with professional cleaners, gardeners, pest control, removals, pet care and handymen. Or, as they put it – “everything a home owner, renter or agent could ever need to keep their properties clean”.

Last year, Fantastic Cleaners – the main brand of Fantastic Services played an enormous role in the upkeep of houses in London, with an incredible 75,324 homes cleaned within the capital alone. They also now provide professional services as far and wide as Melbourne, Australia, and Las Vegas, US. They have an option on their website to join as a franchisee and, as evidenced by their success, have processes in place to ensure each has the necessary level of expertise and reliability.

As great as all this sounds, the only real way for the Townfish team to truly assess the quality of Fantastic Services was to go undercover and try them out for ourselves. As London homeowners, it was a good excuse to get on top of some of those oft-delayed household chores anyway. With a self-storage container to empty and piles of rubbish to disown, we went about booking a Man-with-Van and rubbish removal service.

Firstly, the customer service was great – and not just in the clichéd “they had a nice chap with a strong regional accent who made me feel at ease” way, but with a dedicated and supportive approach, which couldn’t fail to make you feel like your custom was appreciated. They called back a couple of days before to confirm the booking and then 48 hours after to ensure that the services were up to standard.

All of our service providers were punctual, showing up 10 minutes early in fact. They were very proactive and thoughtful, and made the whole process as efficient as possible. The work was conducted in a very organised fashion, and they took great care to ensure that added protection was given to fragile items, using tape around boxes that were not overly stable and wrapping sheets around delicate furniture containing gloss surfaces and glass. They were strong and could easily lift heavy items, and worked swiftly but un-rushed, ensuring the job was done effectively. They were noticeably polite and always took care when walking through the house.

None of the workers knew they were working for TownFish. We told them at the end and they humbly allowed us to take a picture. They politely refused to accept a tip and asked if we would be kind enough to complete a feedback form for the job. The entire process was completed in 2 hours and we genuinely did have a fantastic experience.

Free quotes can be obtained at the Fantastic Services website, along with more information about the types of services they provide. Whether you are looking to spruce up your spaniel or simply clear out your quarters, Townfish would highly recommend getting in touch with Fantastic Services.

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