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Indulge in a Swiss-French Affair at Chez Boubier
Mar 4th 2015 | Written by Justina Terese

Indulge in a Swiss-French Affair at Chez Boubier


If there is one thing Londoners are used to, its change. This over-crowded fast-paced media run city is dominated by technology and newly erected sky-high buildings. Ever evolving, Londoners are always on the hunt for the next big thing.

As addictive as this environment can be, deep down inside we all crave a bit of old fashioned tradition, things to rely on, or rather a standard of quality you know you can trust. Being in existence for decades on end and maintaining quality through practise and perfection deserves respect.

It’s this precise reason that taking a visit to Chez Boubier is well worth your time. Located in an up-market part of London on West London’s Brompton Road, an evening at Chez Bourbier is like a weekend away in France, shortened into a couple hours of fine dining.

The concept originally started back in 1930 when Geneva’s Café de Paris took the restaurant world by storm, serving a simple menu of entrecôte of beef accompanied by a subtle, unique and exquisite butter. The restaurant is strictly for carnivores, with the single-menu meaning just that: Chez Boubier serves steak with sides of fries and salad. That’s it.

Chez Boubier

What makes the steak so special? The secret recipe of butter, a combination of herbs and spices that envelope the juicy entrecôte so lusciously, that Café de Paris and Chez Boubier have now become renowned for this unique flavour.

The mysterious butter arrives in London every 6 weeks straight from the fridges of Monsieur François Vouillamoz, the current owner of Café de Paris in Geneva. The steak, which is sourced in Scotland, is ‘pure entrecôte’, cut from the heart of the sirloin with no fat, and dry aged for 28 days.

The steak is served on a heavily buttered tray, which is then placed on a gas burner at your table. The butter quickly heats and smothers the meat, basting it in rich salty creamy goodness. Accompanying the entrecôte are butter slathered fries which are offered in generous portions and topped onto your plate up to 3 times during your meal.

Price per head is £24.50 and this includes a starter of green salad with a zingy dressing, a generous portion of entrecôte, and your 3 rounds of fries. Deserts start at £5.50 and are well worth the indulgence with Mousse au Chocolat tasting of a dreamy night in Paris.

A selection of French, Spanish, Argentinian and Italian wines will all accompany the rich entrecôte’ perfectly and help you relax into the sophistication of a well-developed Swiss-French affair. Eating like this every night will result in a cardiac arrest, but when on holiday remember that all the rules get broken and it’s pure indulgence time. Take this spirit to Chez Boubier and enjoy.


 Chez Boubier 

Address: 232-236 Brompton Road, London, SW3 2BB


Tel: 0207 584 9548


Email: info.
Written by Justina Terese, Food Writer and Recipe Developer


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